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product reviews & giveaways
all my happy endings participates in product reviews. product reviews are a great way to introduce products to readers in a very personal way. if you want to send an item without letting me choose, i can’t guarantee that it will show up on the site. i prefer to showcase items that i feel represent my personal style. each item that is showcased on my blog will be listed with a “courtesy of” disclaimer and a link to the item.

offering up a similar item or ecertificate for a giveaway is also ideal in a product review, but is not mandatory. if you are a business or company that would like to sponsor a review and/or giveaway on amhe, please email me at mandi[dot]hulse2[at]gmail[dot]com

there is no charge for product reviews.

-a sample must be provided (items for review must sent at the expense of the company and are not returned). i will accept a free product voucher or gift card in order to purchase the product at a local store should you prefer.
-i will accept your digital media to be included in the write-up, but i may also include my own photographs and/or video in the blog post.
as a part of your review, i will direct readers to your website, facebook account and/or twitter account.
-i do not require a giveaway for the reviews i write, but i will be more than happy to host a giveaway, with shipping being the expense of the vendor/store.
-both reviews and giveaways are a great way to create buzz about your product, as well as generate traffic to your website.
-for giveaway, not part of a review, you must handle prize fulfillment by shipping the product to the winner within 30 days, free of charge.

sponsorship / advertising 
i work closely with companies that fit the feel of amhe for ad space on the side on the site. i only choose to work with companies that i feel are a natural representation of my personal style.

i use funding from my sponsors for ad space on other blogs. that means more traffic for you. all blog posts feed through google reader, facebook, twitter, e-mail, instagram, and often pinterest.

>>I am also interested in attending blogger conventions -- if you are interested in sponsoring me so I can promote your brand while there. Please email me at mandi[dot]hulse2[at]gmail[dot]com for a detailed look at this sponsorship option.<<  

philanthropy promotion
are you a 501(c)? if you are hosting an online event for your charity, i offer free promotion. this includes:
-a guest post written by you, about your charity with the event information
-social media shout outs throughout the month
-you may participate in a group giveaway to increase traffic to your site

no button? no problem!!
with the purchase of any size ad space, i will create a button for you, for free.  simply email me at mandi.hulse2@gmail.com to set it up.

affiliates disclaimer
to be totally forthcoming, please know that occasionally i will have an affiliate link on my blog.  that means that i could make a small commission on something you purchase at the corresponding site.  that product will not cost you anymore because of this, however.  i hope this is okay with you!

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