Friday, April 12, 2019


The annual Thrive blogger conference took place almost two months ago. I've wanted nothing more than to share my witness with you, but I've been focused on implementing a lot of the things I learned into my blogging practice.

We’ve seen so much change in the social media industry, and it’s now challenging to stand out in this now crowded space. While I think an online presence can be a lucrative business and a great way to let your creative juices run, I want to be upfront – real life human connections are still greater than the ones made on Instagram. And that’s why I absolutely recommend in-person networking at blogger conferences in order to meet like-minded people and advance your professional career as an influencer.

If you’re not familiar with Thrive, it’s one of the most effective social media conferences, attracting creatives all over the US. I say that because whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, podcaster, instagrammer, or the like, when you invest in this conference, you will undoubtedly gain something from it.

The majority of the speakers at the Thrive conferences are social media experts and pros who are full of insightful success tips and interesting information. And even if you’re like me, not the social butterfly type, I still recommend you push yourself a little, because even just one encounter can grow you and/or advance your career. Don’t let the networking piece alarm you!

As with any conference, everyone is there with the same goal as you: to grow their business, to meet bloggers and influencers, to pitch to brand partners etc. Each person who walks through the door invested in a ticket and took the time out of their busy schedule to attend. So, rest assured that you have that in common. Also, Thrive developers are brilliant - they will offer a series of methods to make it easier to meet people, be that games, breakout sessions, small group meetups, even dancing. I witnessed people open up and blossom by the afternoon on day 1 – it was pretty fabulous!

The same goes for the panelists and keynote speakers - they're approachable, too. And that's another aspect I value about Thrive – albeit high in quality, the intimacy of the conference allows one an opportunity to approach the speaker right after their presentation, ask questions, and possibly even snap a selfie. For example, Erin from Cotton Stem, pictured above, shared a laugh and a casual conversation with a conference attendee. Talk about cool!

Treat this as an investment in your blog and your business. After all, you want to get a great return on that investment, right? Going in with an open mind will make your time at the conference productive and, even more importantly, enjoyable.

Thursday, April 11, 2019


Aloha! So you've bought your tickets for your trip to Hawaii and are already dreaming of days snorkeling at the beach, attending luaus, hiking in lush foliage, and eating lots of delicious Hawaiian cuisine. While it might not be the first thing on your mind when planning your trip, proper clothing is essential for enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. As you get ready to start packing, here are some tips on what kind of clothes you should wear on your trip. 

Casual Wear 

A majority of your time in Hawaii will be spent in casual wear. This is the state where it's acceptable to find elected politicians wearing aloha shirts on a daily basis. During the day when going to the beach or heading out to get shaved ice, a lightweight t-shirt, comfortable shorts, and a pair of Pali Hawaiian shoes will work just fine and match an array of outfits. If you're headed to the beach later in the day, you can wear your swim trunks instead of shorts or wear your swimsuit under your clothes. 

Hiking Clothing

If you've included hiking on the itinerary for your trip, you will need to bring a hiking outfit. It is a good idea to bring active wear or clothing designed for hiking. And while hiking in Hawaii is beautiful, it rains frequently, so the terrain can be intense and often muddy. Instead of bringing heavy hiking shoes to Hawaii we highly recommend lightweight water shoes, as well as, a waterproof jacket.

Evening Attire 

For evening dinners at fancy restaurants or attending special events like luaus, you will want to wear something more formal than the shirt and shorts you've been wearing all day at the beach. However, there are very few occasions where formal attire is appropriate in Hawaii. Instead of grabbing a fancy dress or a tie, opt for a more semi-formal look. This is the right time to pull out a nice sundress, especially one with tropical print. For guys, slacks or nice shorts with a button-up shirt will do just fine. 

The best part about packing for the Hawaiian islands is that the weather is pretty reliable year round. Temperatures consistent year round, perfect for all travelers and sunshine can usually be found any time of year. Above everything, the two things you should bring to Hawaii are a sense of adventure and a smile!

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