Saturday, March 16, 2019


There are only two places where I allow my kids sit on the toilet -- one is home and the other is Buc-ee's. You may see the signs between Houston and Dallas that boast, “Rest-rooms You Have to Pee to Believe.” And while that's true and very likely the main attraction for some visitors, for me it's the wall of coffee, creamers, fudge and breakfast tacos. There are also Texas-shaped waffle irons, home decor (including Rae Dunn coffee mugs), “Have a Willie Nice Day” T-shirts, and the store’s best-seller, Beaver Nuggets. So, the next time you're in Texas, look up your nearest Buc-ee's - it's a must-see for sure.

Obviously, the enormous Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park is the final destination, with up to eleven different swim, splash, and slide zones -- where there is indeed an aquatic area for everyone age. However, we managed to arrive in Grapevine long before our check-in time, so we decided to see what Lego Discovery Center was all about.

It just so happens that it's not just a big building filled with legos -- there are actually 15 different attractions to experience – all included in the admission price. I especially loved the laserquest ride and the 4D theatre. I had no idea -- we were all pleasantly surprised!

Don't miss the aquarium next door -- it's equally as enjoyable and very interactive -- but seeing how this post is predominantly about Great Wolf Lodge, it seems I should hurry and get to the point. friends, Great Wolf Lodge, with several locations across the United States, is an amazing place for a family-friendly vacation. My family has now been to Great Wolf Lodge’s mid-Texas location twice; my kids ask to go back all the time and it remains one of their absolute favorite places to go on family getaway.

GWL is actually pretty reasonable, especially considering families receive two days of water park access for a single night’s hotel rate. There is a variety of room options to choose from, for up to 8 people, but we are rather partial to the Wolf Den themed room which we have found to be perfect for 2 parents and 2 young children.

If taking your reluctant swimm
ers to a very busy water park gives you cause for concern, you are not alone. Rest assured, GWL goes above and beyond to help keep everyone safe. Even before you walk through the doors of the water park, staff members conduct height checks and administer colored wristbands indicating which areas of the water park are height appropriate.

GWL also has several racks of life jackets available for kids of all sizes to use. And at every corner, there are lifeguards keeping watch over their designated area.

Fun fact #1: Even though check-in isn’t until 4 p.m. you can start enjoying the water park as early as 1 p.m.! 
Fun fact #2: After checking in to our room, I received a text message from a staff member who was my “personal assistant” for the weekend. I could text her with any questions, and she sent me reminders of fun stuff was happening and check-out instructions!
Fun fact #3: My husband lost his wristband/room key on the first day. They replaced it without so much as a blink of the eye.
Fun fact #4: There was a freak power outage during our breakfast at Campfire Kitchen. Yes, not ideal but the food was still delicious (best french toast!) and the staff was accommodating despite the extenuating circumstances. Don’t let power outages get you down!
Fun fact #5: You can reuse your MagiQuest wand when you visit Great Wolf Lodge again in the future!

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