Monday, October 1, 2018


Have you priced front doors? They are not cheap! And sure as heck not in the budget with Christmas right around the corner.

I stood blankly in the isle at our local hardware store, overwhelmed by the varietals of paint brands and sheens and purposes. Just thinking about it makes me sweat. I left empty-hands and I went home and researched consumer reviews on door paint. To my surprise, all the arrows were pointing to a brand I'd never heard of, Modern Masters.

This was the KEY to reviving my door! Unlike I had imagined, the Modern Masters door paint did not require me to remove the door from the hinges, strip the door or do any extensive prep work at all. Sold!

First step is wipe down the door extensively. Second, tape off your door knob, lock and hinges. You can remove them if you choose, but it's certainly not necessary.

Start by painting all the little grooves and edges. Once those hard to reach areas are done, you’re free to finish up the flat areas. I applied two coats, waiting 30 minutes in between both. You may need to apply a third coat depending on the color you choose, but I started with black and re-painted in black, so a third coat didn't seem at all necessary.

A cheap tip- Put your paint brush in a sandwich baggie in between coats to keep it from drying out. Saves time and brushes!

It’s funny how some of the simplest projects can bring some of the most impact.

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