Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I remember looking at a vintage TIME magazine, 
In the article it featured families on the Jersey shore
Umbrellas and beach blankets, picnics and everyone in swim wear.
Ladies of all shapes and sizes, all smiling.
Playing with their children, swimming in the water.
Their joy and happiness oozing off the shiny pages, candid captures.
I'm fairly certain it was simple and as transparent as it seemed-
Happy face = Happiness being had.
No one was thinking, "thigh gap, muffin top, stretch marks, saggy boobs, things are jiggling"
Now I know times have changed,
But in our hearts we still long for the same things.
Pure, uncomplicated, distraction free JOY.
Because our babes don't ever look at us, and think we need to loose 5 pounds.
They want us to jump in the waves, build those sand castles, and chase them across the shore-
So whether it's 
Board shorts and a rash guard, 
One piece, 
String bikini, 
High-waisted bottoms and a top
Find something that floats your boat filled with JOY.
And don't look back.
Because the softness that covers our curves, 
And the lines that run, telling our story-
Are beautiful,
And so are you.


  1. Beautifully written! I miss writing for my heart... :( I hope you continue weaving words to inspire people like me, people who sometimes forget their passion - because life can sometimes wash us from our dreamshores. :)

  2. A great reminder to make memories, regardless of how we will in a bathing suit. I’ve found that when I thought I’d be judged, other moms were complimentary. We need to make a commitment to building each other up.


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