Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I know you have a big heart and you spend a lot of your time helping everyone else, but I want to remind you about the power of saying "no". 

It's hard to say no, especially to the people you love, like your family and close friends. But do you know that learning to say "no" makes your "yes" even stronger?

When we say yes out of guilt we end up having a "weak yes" and often don't put our whole hearts into what we're doing. We sometimes even resent the people we've said yes to. But here's the thing - saying yes is a choice! We're not being taken advantage of - we're just sleeping in the bed we made with all our people-pleasing yeses.

But when you say no to things that are motivated by guilt or people pleasing it creates for you to give your whole heart elsewhere.

It allows you to say yes to rest.

Yes to being present.

Yes to your spouse, your kids, your best friend, the person right in front of you.

So here's your challenge for the week: 

Next time someone asks you for something I you don't want to do it, say no. Just try it. See how it feels and what reaction you get. Trust me, you won't die. 

I believe in you, friend and that's why I want to encourage you in this. You have so much to give but you don't have to give it to everyone who asks, every time they ask. 

Your fellow recovering yes woman,

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