Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Things I'm teaching my teens about social media:
It’s not a competition // when those feelings of competition and comparison come up, it’s your duty to squash them like bugs. You’ve got to dig deep and ask yourself, “Okay… what am I really not happy with? What, in my own life, do I have the power to change?” Other people’s snippets of their life can stir jealousy and envy inside of you but that’s up to you to deal with those feelings and either unfollow or stop allowing your brain to go into such a negative space. You control that, no one else.
It’s not the whole story // The thing is: you don't know the real story. Even when a person shares a part of their mess from the Internet, it's usually not the full story. And likely, you don’t need the full story. What would you do with it anyway? Instead of always thinking you have the whole story, or wanting the whole story, maybe you can focus more on the stories that surround you. Maybe you can focus on your story and how it's being written right now. If we don’t want people to be fake on the internet it has to start with the person in the mirror.
It’s not everything // the studies are starting to come out now with real data that explains what social media (too much of it) is doing to our brains and emotions. It’s reason to take caution and learn better boundaries. We are allowing these platforms to steal from us the one thing we get in this life, the one fleeting resource: time. But I believe we can learn to use it wisely and bring it back to connection over comparison. Focus on your people. Focus on living your real life. Focus on the fleeting goodness all around you. There’s so much of it but our eyes have to be open & our heads have to be up to see it.
Parents, what else am I missing? Is there anything you’ve learned lately about social media?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


There is no expectation on you that it needs to be the best day or the most productive day. Script out the things you need to get done. Get to work. Breathe. Look for the good. You’ve got this.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Before chemotherapy, I was quick with words. I get frustrated many days, with my new cognitive deficits. There have been moments where I've wished that I was quicker and more accurate with articulation, in the heat of it. But those moments pass quickly.

And realize in the cooling, that I'm more at peace with my silence and slow words, stretching out in the places where too many words would have hung.

Don't get me wrong, I've never been more sure of my place, my passions, and just where my soapbox is located. But as I age, I've become more aware of the gift of silence, to truly listen. To not feel the need to wrestle your words, opinion and cents into everything.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I want to remind you this day,
You are lovely,
You are beautiful,
What you are is NEEDED here-
Your own brand,
Your own freak flag-
Just like flowers, and Christmas lights are beautiful-
But look nothing like each other.
So are you.
Here I am-
All 40 of my years worn in my skin, my hair (the silver is undeniable now) and the way I hold my body.
I daily encourage my mind to give this body grace-
For within it, it's grown 4 babies-
Through it they've come, and from it I've nourished them.
Skin sags, and silver lion stripes mark the path of their coming and going.
I'm deeply flawed, and broken-
But I've been given grace- daily.
And yet, at times- I'm quick to frustration, to judge, to raise my voice-
To forget- all about grace.
And get caught up in the way others perceive me (queue the unfollowing now)
Perfection does not reside within these bones. But a strong back, and a soft heart-
Today let's embrace the soft, and strong-
And all the bits in between 💜

Monday, May 14, 2018


I used to be a drama queen when it came to writing. I would claim I couldn’t write until “inspiration hit.” And you know where that got me? Missing out on a lot of writing that would have just happened naturally if I’d been so inclined to just quit being dramatic and get my butt in the chair. I had to stop telling myself these lofty lies about my writer dreams and just say, “Okay, I want to write as much as possible. I want to see what comes out of me when I sit down to write. I want to do this thing and love this craft with everything I’ve got.” Change your mindset and you end up changing the whole story.

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