Monday, June 5, 2017


Imagine your brain.

How much time have you devoted to thinking about what you cannot change? How much energy have you expanded toward trying to fix it, manage it, or nurturing those emotions wrapped around that person, past event, or thing?

Accept it.

Accept that we cannot change that loss.

Accept that we cannot go back and rewrite that story.

Accept that we cannot make that person love us in the right way.

Accept that we are in a hard place that we didn’t ask to be in.

Oh, that’s hard. Don’t ask me to do that.

As I’ve shared, I’m in the midst of something I cannot change. Accepting this fact allows me to free my brain, my soul, my time, my heart to what I can change.

I can’t change cancer. I can’t turn the clock back. I can’t fix this.

Yet I can be present. I can love. I can even love the unlovable. I can serve. I can take pictures. I can write. I can clean. I can advocate. I can coordinate. I can cook a mean quiche and I can pray.

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