Thursday, June 1, 2017


It’s amazing that we are already making summer plans, isn’t it?

I’ve been quieter on my blog the past couple of years. Our life is a full one, and I often have to prioritize needs over wants. Blogging sorta borders both, and so does being fully present with my children. So, my writing tends to take a backseat. Fortunately, some of my very best blogging friends  and readers are also working mamas...they get it. Too, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

I’ll never forget the day I sat at our  old desktop computer and tried to brainstorm a name to use for my blog. I didn’t really even know what a blog was at the time and had no intention of ever really writing one, but I knew that I wanted to be able to have my tiny picture pop up next to blog post comments and in order to do that, I needed a blogspot name (yes, times have changed).

That was nearly ten years ago, which makes me an ancient grandma in the blogging world. Pinterest  and Instagram (find me here) weren’t even a thought and I hadn’t even started a Facebook account yet. Those of us who began blogging back then are like the ones who trudged through miles of snow to get to school and can speak to all the changes we’ve seen. It’s such a privilege to have been on the cusp of this whole new way of life – social media has changed everything – and we are able to learn, create, connect and discover so much because of it.

I’ve had a vast array of amazing opportunities through blogging. From speaking and writing to brand spokesperson positions, I’ve traveled throughout the US with my blog.

The biggest thing I wish I could change would be to go back to the “old” days of blogging before everything needed to be magazine quality and there were so many different social media platforms added. My blog grew because of the real life, authentic nature of sharing life with readers and that’s still my heart. Community actually occurred in the comments, meaningful discussions took place and believe it or not, lots of real life friends were made just from that. Now it’s become very competitive and it’s hard to keep up because so much emphasis is placed on the “image” of varying platforms with perfectly photographed, pinterest perfect living.

For me, my desire is that when you meet me in real life, you will feel like you’ve known me forever and I’m exactly the same online as I am in person. I will never stop encouraging women to embrace life right where they’re embracing authentic lives with laundry piled on the sofa and all. Unfortunately, it means that creating beautifully pin-able photos isn’t my forte like the other mentors, but sharing life in abundance? I’m your girl.  And hopefully, my someday dream of building a large barn/event venue will allow for us to all hang out more regularly on our homestead. 

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  1. Thanks for the article. I know exactly what you are saying. I have put my blog behind everything else, not that it wasn't making waves, but because it was just too time consuming. Editing was a pain. Maybe I will get back to it some day.


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