Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Here's the problem people, blogs are like show and tell. You only put your best material out there, right? Why would you write about the massive fight you had with your husband last night when instead, you can show us your cute kids and your new kitchen remodel? Now listen, I’m not saying don't show those things...please do actually, this is the story of your life and those things are indeed interesting. Great things happen in life. Celebrate that. But bad things happen in life too, and when it comes to those things that create deep wounds, we shut down into ourselves and don't share. Well maybe a vague side remark on facebook for 400 people to see... But not on my blog because it's too personal. Oh and my grandmother is reading this. Oh and some of my co-workers. 

The problem is, when we write blog posts according to what others may think, we churn out watered-down versions of ourselves. We misrepresent ourselves and dare i say, if you are a Christian, sometimes we can inadvertently misrepresent the gospel. Jesus came because we are messed up, not because we have it all together. When we pretend like everything is perfect, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and to others. And to the story of our lives. Your story is important...the good parts and the difficult parts. That's what makes a story good, right? Conflict, love, overcoming hardships, tension, great happiness...all of it. All. Of. It.

The blog world is weird because we all make it that way. I do too sometimes, yes, so I’m writing this to me as well.  I wouldn't say the blog world is a place where one goes to find honesty. That's hard enough to find in the real world, friends...let alone on the "intranet". But imagine a bloggy world where people felt o.k. about posting their struggles? A she-did-it-so-can-i kind of attitude.

My hope is that people start telling the truth (*in as gracious a manner you can conjure) about what's going on in their lives. It's good. It's good for us to put ourselves on the line. It's called vulnerability and it is super-challenging. But it brings about character and honesty. And it also brings people out of the woodwork saying, me too! I'm going through this too! Because we are all going through something. No one is perfect. And people need others to say so.

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