Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Who's got two thumbs, is on her third cup of coffee, and misses this space? THIS moi.

I've been thinking about this little blog lately, and what it means to me. Why I walked away from it for awhile, and if I wanted to come back. And the truth is - I kind of miss it. It's an important part of my life. It's something I like doing. I like sharing, documenting, and having a voice. I like making new friends and getting to know their hearts. I like photos, stories, recommendations, and jokes. I need outlets, like this one, where I can share things and be inspired.

But some time in 2015 this space started to feel more like a chore, trying my best to post frequently and consistently. And boo to chores, because they're the worst. And then I picked up the pen (er...mouse) again in 2016 upon my cancer diagnosis.

I don't really know what the focus is here, maybe I never knew in the first place. And maybe it will always be a continuous experiment and nothing more. Maybe the focus will change as my life changes and as I grow as a person. Putting my thoughts and ideas into a nice little box is pretty confining and not my cup of tea. The truth is - my thoughts are messy. Really messy. My emotions, my opinions, my beliefs, my likes and dislikes, the things in my heart and on my mind... they're all jumbled into a great big ball of feelings. And I just have to go with the flow, untangling bit by bit, and either tucking it away in a special place or releasing it into the world.

And maybe I need to treat this space like you are sitting across from me, eating great food and drinking something delicious. (Because sometimes the best conversations happen over a good meal, amen?) We could discuss music (of course) or film or design. We could talk about our favorite photographers and poets and authors. We could talk about health (one of my favorite topics) or we could talk about faith. (another favorite) Or we could talk about how both of those things relate. We could talk about our pasts, or present, or share our hopes for the future. Or we could talk about things like the importance of naps, or our shared love for Diane Lane. You would find out that I love humor and laughter; sometimes I quote Tina Fey and sometimes I say my own weird (and/or inappropriate) things. And I would hope that at some point and in some way, I would make you smile. But most of all, I would hope that you feel important. That you feel valued. That you feel like your words and your presence matter, because they do. In the end, this is my space... but you are a part of it, and I'm really stoked about that. My heart kind of feels like exploding because I think you're so great.

So, welcome to the mess that is my world. I hope you stick around.

Let the spontaneous dance party begin!

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  1. What a great post. I love the "coffee talk" posts the best. There are so many things to talk about and they don't always follow a linear, makes sense pattern. Glad that you're back. Keep dancing!


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