Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I know that there are some of you who feel left behind.

Like something hasn't clicked yet.

It feels like you're running in place.

Isn't that the pits? 

You're doing everything you possibly can, but it feels like you're just not moving forward. It feels like the world is zooming by, and you're stuck. Stuck in life, in business. You have a million dreams. So much you want to do and see. But as hard as you try, it's all out there, beyond your grasp. However far you run or leap or reach, you come up empty-handed. 

When will things change?

I know. I know these feelings, exactly. It's so discouraging and exhausting.  Not too terribly long ago, I was experiencing all of these feelings and emotions. Even though I knew, deep down, everything would be fine, I also felt trapped. Although I could see the light at the end of that ridiculous tunnel, it felt like I would never get there. Do you ever have those dreams where you're trying to run, but you're moving in slow motion instead? That's what it felt like. And when you're in those times of struggle and pain, you have moments when it feels like things will never, ever change. 

But, I want to tell you: things do change. I made it out of, what felt like a deep, dark, scary valley this last year. Though I still have a few more surgeries, I beat cancer. And made some big, intentional decisions. And my business is consistently growing. And super rad, exciting things are happening. And that stuck feeling is starting to fade away. So, listen to me when I say: don't give up. Please don't. Whatever it is that you're trying to do: jumping a scary hurdle in life, or making a dream a reality - keep going. You won't always feel this way. There will come a time when everything will align exactly how they're supposed to, you'll find your path, and all that hard work will pay off. Sometimes it happens in the blink of an eye, sometimes it's a slow and steady burn. But it'll happen. So keep creating, learning, and healing. Take small steps to achieve the life you want. They don't always need to be giant leaps. Small steps, and small actions, are just as important. 

Keep going.

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  1. Thank You for sharing your life with the world. It makes a difference and really helps others. You are truly a rare gem :-) Wish there was an APP for You to share with All


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