Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I rang the bell today in celebration of my graduation, and an unexpected emotion poured over me. Not that I'm sad that chemo is over. Rather, just the opposite. It's just that gratitude doesn't articulate the depth of that which my husband and I have experienced in this journey.

A cancer diagnosis never affects just the person afflicted with the disease. The doctor might as well have told my husband, family, colleagues, clinical staff, friends even strangers, that they have cancer as well as I have never spent a day feeling as though I was fighting this battle alone. 

My diagnosis has refocused my life and has shined light on what matters most. Spending time with family, friends, and the ones we love. Sharing laughter, stories, and pleasant memories. Giving more of ourselves through time and energy. Taking moments out of our day to bless others. Living in a spirit of gratitude and happiness. Truly choosing joy above and beyond what we may be facing.

And though we are guaranteed to struggle in this world, we are equally guaranteed a God so powerful that He overcomes our hurdles. Though our circumstances are impossible for us, with Him the possibilities are infinite. He shatters statistics, derails diagnoses, triumphs over tribulations, and overcomes obstacles. Our hope should not lie in our circumstances but in the One who rises above them.

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