Monday, December 19, 2016


Every year Christmas is a weight around my neck. I begin the feel the downward pull into Holiday Dread around August. Panic sets in around mid-November. 

Not this time.

Over the past few years, I’ve set out to redeem the things I hate. The way it works is this: I’m miserable because I’m focused on myself instead of on the Gospel. So I ask God to help me focus on the Him and His Kingdom instead.

In my twenties, Valentine’s Day became the day I cooked and baked goodies for some of my single friends and delivered them as “The Valentine’s Fairy.” I loved it and need to start it back up! 

This year for Christmas, I’ve begun accumulating a list of places I can serve and help out. Our Bible study talks much and often about celebrating Jesus on His birthday and giving Him gifts. Reminding us that it's His birthday, not ours.

I’m looking for other people who have crappy Christmas situations (divorce, sickness, etc.) and I’m praying about ways to lighten their load and share some of the Father’s joy with them. It thrills me when I find a need like that and get to put it on my calendar.

What I’m finding is that the Gospel actually works. Not just to save people from hell, but to save me from the tyranny of myself. And perhaps you may think that’s selfish too. But the God I serve is loving and efficient enough to make the right thing bring joy. He’s beautiful like that.

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