Thursday, October 13, 2016


We had to make the tough decision this summer; -- if we wanted to hold Reef back one more year in Pre-K or send him through to kindergarten. His birthday is July 25th, so he would have been the very youngest in his class with not only 5 year olds, but many 6 year old children who were previously held back themselves. After chatting with many a teacher friend and sitting on it a bit, we came to the decision that it would probably be best to let him have one more year in Pre-K. For Reef, this decision wasn’t really an academic one, as we felt he was somewhat equipped there. It was more an emotional / social one. He's is a sensitive little person. (I have no idea where he got that from! haha). He is shy and timid and slow to open up, but when he does, he gives all of himself, but it’s getting there that is the challenge. Too, when he feels incapable of performing as well as his peers, he feels defeated and moves on to independent play. We felt that one more year in Pre-K would give him the opportunity to grow in his social skills and self confidence. I know in my gut it was the right decision for Reef. And as it turns out, it's been the right decision -- he's not just surviving, but he's thriving. Being the oldest in the class has given him a newfound confidence, and his teachers are constantly raving about his progress. Maybe just maybe there's hope for us in this parenting gig.

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  1. I decided to keep my daughter back an extra year, and it was the best decision I made. I also felt she was not quite there yet, and although she is now ready and we have to put up with a few months with a very bored under-stimulated little girl, it really is better than the alternative. I hope this decision gives your little man the time he really needs to thrive :D


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