Sunday, September 25, 2016


We don’t need another person denying her story in favor of living another’s. We don’t need another story to go untold because of doubts or swirling thoughts that someone else’s story is better, funnier, more interesting, or sure to make a greater impact.

The story of your life is yours alone and if you don’t live it, no one else will.
So turn your eyes away from the stares or the stats  and the likes and the follows.
While it’s true that someone could have similar circumstances and life experiences, no one can tell the stories that you have to tell because no one else sees the world in the same way that you do.
We need you to live and love like your story matters, and then we need you to tell it. We need your words, your stories that declare that God is good and God is God and how He plays a role in your life.
There are those who will walk where you have walked and stand where you have stood and they are desperate for your story, for your truth and honesty, for your declaration that God is there every step of the way.
Maybe your life is nothing like what you expected. Maybe you’ve been bruised black and blue, you’re drowning in the dark, or you feel too small to be noticed at all. Maybe you’re living in the in between and you don’t want to be there. But these days, they are part of your story. He has given you these chapters to live, He has authored these pages, and every single one matters.
He’s the One writing but He needs you to do the telling.
Tell your story here in the comments if nowhere else.

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  1. So, I decided to read some blog posts tonight which I rarely do because it is something I have fallen away from. But, I really really really needed to read these words tonight. Thank you for writing them. I kind of want to print them off and carry them with me. It's hard to feel like my story will ever be "enough." Thank you.


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