Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The whole outside world felt really far away. Political campaigns and conventions and facebook debates fell entirely off of our radar. I felt humbled and small as I walked beneath towering palm trees and took in breath-taking sunsets. My littles were beside themselves excitedly eager to play at the water’s edge. Dad and the bigs released seemingly ever-present tension as they turned off their phones and left the demands of work and schedules behind.

The littles were outside from dawn until the very last rays of sun tucked themselves beyond the ocean’s end. They invented games involving wild sea animals and chopsticks they took home as souvenirs from one of my favorite sushi stops. They scavenged daily for geckos lurking around the house. They cheered one another on as they ran onto shore from the crashing waves and would collectively shout for joy when they spotted “dada” or “bubba” catching waves on their surfboards.

These few days away reminded me how we were all created with a deep, unrelenting desire to seek stillness. Often, time tucked away from the clanging cymbals of this world result in an intimate encounter with our Creator. He gently reminds us of his love through the beauty of creation. When we are still before Him, we are able to lean into the quiet whispers of truth. No matter how unsteady this world feels, He is sovereign and steadfast.

I want to teach my children to seek adventure and abundant life. I want them to know that this Jesus we serve is wholly good and full of gracious love. I want them to remember vacations like this one and know that joy and laughter are signs of life and light and are desperately needed in this aching world. I want them to pour forth love in every encounter with others and to seek beauty at every turn.

And, I want them to know that an escape to the islands on a whim with four kiddos is FAR FROM EASY and we can each be a jerk at any random time of day (and we were). Yet, the memories we made together are absolutely worth every ounce of effort.

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