Sunday, July 24, 2016


Logically I know that it was five years ago when I sat in Reef’s soon-to-be nursery, in the brown chenille chair, holding his empty baby book. It feels like it was maybe a few weeks ago, perhaps a month, that I flipped through those pages and came upon the one of the last pages in the book, “My first day of Kindergarten.”

I wept thinking about the tiny baby growing in my womb that would one day be an independent boy that would leave me everyday for elementary school. Pete rubbed my back to console me, “Don’t worry about that now,” he said. “This won’t happen for five years!”

Five years felt like a very off idea. Five years has almost come to sit like an elephant in the middle of my heart.

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  1. Happy five years to your sweet boy! We are almost at one with our first, and it already feels so fast to me!


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