Friday, October 23, 2015


If you could see me right now, I’m sorta cowering down with my tail between my legs. I feel THAT BAD for letting my blog go neglected the past couple of months. I never EVER thought it would come to this. I always MADE time for writing before, so what gives?! Do I have time management issues. (Yes. Highly likely. Among other issues.)

Life ebbs and flows, I’ve discovered. Some seasons are slightly more full than others. And I do believe I’m in a very full season. This, however, doesn’t fly well with me. I’m a big fan of freedom, of wide-open spaces, of not being confined and imprisoned and stuck.

Otherwise, why did Jesus set us free? So we would be free. That’s basically it. He emancipated us from everything that imprisons because freedom is its own reward. To hear the Bible tell it, Christians should be the freest, most unstuck, unrestricted, liberated people breathing air.

(Also, to the dear teachers out there, thank you for the bazillion hours you invest in our kids, but we need to make a deal that after April testing, we assign no more projects and/or homework. K? K.)

The one and only social media outlet I appear to be most loyal to, is Instagram. There’s a bond between me and a camera, yes. And I guarantee you, it’s still me. It’s still my real life. It’s still the usual stuff moms deal with – kitchen sink overrun by dishes, toddler drawings on the wall, someone having a meltdown in Target.

So, please, come visit me on Instagram when you’re taking a break in your day. I will still be sharing much of the same as you experience here, with maybe fewer words and more hashtags.


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