Tuesday, June 2, 2015


If you’re a busy mom, you may it hard to set aside time for prayer each day. I know I do. Early mornings, sometimes, in my car ride to work, is when I strive to spend a few moments with The Lord. But don’t feel like prayer has to take place only when you’re able to draw away into the peace and quiet. Integrate prayer into your work schedule, into the children’s’ activities.

It’s important, too, that we use prayer as a steering wheel, not a spare tire. It will unlock amazing blessings.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for trusting me with the tasks and duties of being a mother. Thank you for blessings that are my husband, daughter(s), and son(s). Thank you for establishing a bond of love between us that cannot be broken. One that is sustaining whole and holy. I pray that you will always bless their minds to be clear of shadows of doubt. Bless their hearts to be kind. Bless their dreams that they may be fulfilled by your grace.

Thank you for your sustenance through difficult times we have faced and are facing. Thank you for writing your will upon our hearts. Give us all courage and strength to live out your will.
I pray that you love my family when they hurt. Love them when they feel fear. Love them when they are not strong enough to love themselves.
In Jesus’ name. Amen

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