Monday, May 4, 2015


Even though I am no longer a single mom, I vividly remember the undertaking. Know that you do not have to walk alone.

In learning how to be single, we tend to miss the feeling that we were part of something “whole.” The most important truth I can share with you is that Christ is the only refuge. In Him, you will find joy, protection, and grace. He has the power to restore. He is with you. No human can ever be as close.

"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."
Romans 8:1

Dear Lord,
Grant me energy. This is hard work without an end time, this constant pouring out of myself and into another without a partner to share the load.
Grant me time. To do all the chores, join in the games, help with the lessons, say the night prayers, and still have a few moments for myself.
Grant me courage. Some days I am crippled with fear. The fear of having to do every single life situation can be so utterly frightening, daunting and crushing. 
Grant me a heart. To share and to care, to listen and to understand, and to make a loving home.
I pray for my child(ren), Lord, a lot, that they would thrive despite being without their dad, that they would stay sweet and gentle even in our hardships. These kids, God, are the best and most wonderful gift You’ve ever given me, and I praise You for them. Thank you for choosing me to be their mother. Help us to give each other grace and so, so much love.


  1. Thank you for that prayer. <3

  2. Thank you for the prayer. It's good to know that we are not alone.


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