Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear parent of a sick child,
I’m sure you are tired, worried, overwhelmed, desperately seeking normalcy, and wandering when/if your child will get better. Know that your presence is precious to your child. Your bravery is beautiful and your courage is contagious. Don’t stop fighting for your child. Don’t stop asking questions about treatment options. Don’t stop whispering sweet words of hope into his/her ear. These words resonate deep down.

Dear Lord,
I entrust this child to You, as he/she suffers from ____. You are the Master Healer and You provide times that are symptom free for this dear little one. Please comfort and protect him/her during this time. Help them to know You are with them. Please be with the doctors as they continually study to find a cure, and that treatments bring comfort. I leave this in your precious hands, oh Father God.

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