Monday, May 18, 2015


My dress was fairly simple. I wore a birdcage veil that I made. Pete’s hair was growing out and he wore the handsomest suit. The weather…it was perfect. The sun it covered us with a golden blanket and the air exhaled a cool breeze through our hair. Truth is, a wedding, as big and exciting and beautiful as it all is, is just one day. But marriage! That’s every day. It’s real life without cellists and opera singers and fancy dresses. Nothing can truly prepare you. It’s a leap of faith. There are not guarantees, but if two people can decide to keep choosing each other every day, I believe it can go on and one forever and ever. That’s the plan, that’s the goal, that’s what we’re striving for. It has entailed learning, changing, forgiving, letting go, hanging on, growing, building, and a whole lotta loving. But it’s hardly a particle of dust in the scheme of eternity. It’s all so much more than this long caption. It’s sacred. I’m grateful to experience it with this beloved man of mine. We’ve turned corners, have these beautiful children, and it just gets better and better with time. Like leather. …Or cheese. 

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