Monday, April 20, 2015


Has anyone ever asked you, “what is your parenting super power?”

I’m talking that ONE thing you REALLY really get right. Go ahead and think about it for a minute…
It might be hard to come up with your THING at first.

Having trouble? Rather, it seems like we remember every single failure, does it not?

All those times I was too tired for ‘just one more book, mommy’. The dinner that was so overdone that my kids voted to call out for pizza instead. How about this one: Have you ever temporarily lost your kid among the clothes at a department store… and I nearly went insane, screaming his name like it was my last breath. My toddler was oblivious the whole time. I found him by following the sound of his giggling.

So why don’t the successes jump to mind as quickly?

Did you come up with that THING you rocked as a parent? Are you great at dealing with sibling rivalry? Are you amazing at teaching your kids to read? Did you teach your whole neighborhood of kids how to ride a bike?

Kids struggle in a lot of areas… there are plenty of things where being a great parent will only get you so far. You can’t prevent every accident. In many cases, you learn as you go.  Maybe they have a learning problem; maybe they find they’re bullied in 4th grade; maybe they have massive allergies or other health or mental health issues.

I’ve watched plenty of parents deal with all of the above. When your kid is struggling is often when you have to dig deep and find the parenting superpower called patience. Because YOU can’t do a whole lot of anything but wait and love and encourage in so many of children’s experiences.

But really, what is YOUR super power? Share one thing you are good at.

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