Monday, April 6, 2015


Bless your marriage by praying for it. Praying for your husband. A wife’s responsibility and privilege is to pray for her husband. Earnest prayer for your husband is good for him, for you and the spiritual health of your home (Proverbs 31:11-12).
Satan desires to destroy your husband, especially his character and his leadership in your relationship. Trust God through prayer as you daily surrender your husband and marriage to the Lord’s wise, loving care.
Thank you for loving me. For loving me that you provided me a companion, so that I don’t have to live this life alone. I pray that I can love like you love. I pray that I can be patient with my husband live with endurance. If there is anything from my past, present or future that contributes hurt, pain, bitterness or negativity that could harbor my marriage, I ask for help in letting it go. Help me rely on You for healing and restoration. Keep our eyes open for only each other. Help is to be an example of joy, contentment, romance, trust compassion, and encouragement in the eys of our children.


  1. Amen! Incredibly timely for me. Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. Exactly what I always hope for -- to give inspiration, hope, and support to those who need it. Thank you for leaving your comment and may God bless your marriage in abundance!


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