Thursday, April 30, 2015


I appreciate the unrelenting compliments, I do. You, my friends, say the most profoundly kind things to me always in a season when I need to hear it most. Thank you. But the implications that this little family of mine is "perfect" or "incredible" or "amazingly loving" certainly isn't that way all the time. To be honest, it makes me cringe a little when you say those things because we sometimes fight. We are prone to saying hurtful things. We regularly misinterpret others' actions. We have been to dark places that the rest of the world will never see.

But we also love fiercely. -- And maybe that's what YOU see in us the most; I can only hope. -- We don't quit. We laugh and have an insane amount of inside jokes. At the end of the day, we stumble, get up and run back to Jesus. Because each of us know that without Him, the ugly would take over and the beauty wouldn't be able to shine. Ain't that what life is all about? Undeserved, unmerited grace. 

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