Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Preparing | for a major vacation with my family in the coming weeks. We are taking the kids, all four of them, to our favorite place on earth – Kauai. The kids are stoked and I have to admit, I am working on suppressing my excitement- not for the swimming suit, but the excitement of family time.

Reading | Made to Crave and taking it really slow. The words are simple, but reverent, and I am trying to glean a little bit of wisdom from it all.

Hoping | That spring will hold on a bit before summer strikes. I am not minding the rain we’ve had, but getting glimpses of warmer weather- here and there- makes me drea the 90+ degree heatstrokes.

Wanting | a front porch. We sorta have plans to revamp the front facade of our home and when we decide, I will fill you in on all the details!

Eating | lots of avocados.  I am an avocado-ian.  I love them.  I do. 

Enjoying | evenings with my family outdoors. we are more satisfied with life when we are outside living it. I see it work.

Stalking | 
this blogger. She photographs her life so well and makes me want to jump in and invade her space. 

Anticipating | my next hair appointment. I think I'm chopping it off. I might change my mind in the next six weeks, but at this moment, I have decided to go for it. 

| Games of Thrown. Seriously? Yes, I’m one of those. 

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