Thursday, April 23, 2015


First up, don’t forget to link up with our #INTROFRIDAY series on Instagram here. You don’t have to say much, but definitely mention the hashtag so we can find you.

Last weekend, I attended a women’s retreat at church with one of my besties and otherwise lived outside because it's 70’s and sun!! Standing in the sun and breathing outdoor air is my jam. You?

This week was really busy, but highly efficient. I put together some great dinners with Hello Fresh which gave me time for other things with the family and around the house.

Speaking of house, I really need this. I love Target (no one’s ever said that before). I refer to it as the Promised Land without any hyperbole.

I helped pick out 9 Mother’s Day gift ideas here that are under $100. Do you like any of these? Shall I put a bug in your husband’s ear? I bet you didn’t think of that!

I saw this foot washing station idea on Pinterest recently. Something so simple yet ingenious! 

This is spot on. We’re going back to our favorite place on earth in a few short months and we’re taking ALL our kids. I love sharing adventures with them!

These are the cutest sandals. Bailey needs them. (Fine! She wants them! And who am I to deny her, especially when we wear the same size!)

That's all folks.  Now go and be fruitful.

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