Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Today I'm 37.

In my 37 years, I have managed to find an incredible, hilarious, and supportive group of people to go through this life with me. The “stuff” of life isn’t where I measure my success, it’s in the people who show up when there is good to be celebrate or hardships to be faced. And in that department, my riches are many.

I welcome 37. Every day I ask God for another day, another year, and a lifetime to see my children grow up…. to have the chance to love my husband as a very old man.

I want to enjoy growing older. To laugh a lot along the way. To build my wealth in people. And to live purposefully and with intention. My twenties were tumultuous -- a roller coaster of discovering myself, often fun and mostly unstable. But here, in my thirties, I have found a treasure I spent most of the last decade wishing for. I don’t know what trials and lessons lie ahead, but today, I am savoring the warmth and comfort of feeling content.


  1. Happy birthday! Here's to another wonderful year!

  2. Thank you, Nikki - so thoughtful of you! XOXO


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