Sunday, April 5, 2015


Motherhood is skipped showers, kinked necks and piles of laundry. Sometimes it feels just like that, while other times it feels like an extraordinary honor. It's daily choosing to thrive and practicing the mindset of the latter with the help of Jesus.

You wonder, when you only have one, how you will be able to love another. Or another. or another. It simply shouldn't be a concern, since it happens without an effort. The warm skin. The baby grunts. It all beckons you to love. As if we couldn't fight the urge to open our hearts to love one more - we just can't fight it. God created it that way.

one thing mommas don't have t worry about it finding the room to love "one more." I have friends who are pregnant with their 2nds and 3rds and still wonder "how" and "if." Sitting here, with my four kids beside me, sends me back to a time where I couldn't imagine or dream how rich my life would be -- four kids later. And these friends are on the brink of it. I am so excited for them!

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