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Hi All My Happy Endings Readers!  Thank you for letting me visit with you today :-) I'm Darby and I blog over at Life with the Hawleys.  I pretty much blog about anything & everything.  My blog is a hodge-podge collection of our lives, recording our comings and goings, infertility & parenting, faith, foodie adventures and recipes, travel, dog tales, musings, photography, craft projects, home renovations, and home decor. See? Pretty much everything!Hawley_57
While I may share a lot of about our lives, I'm definitely NOT a fashionista or beauty blogger; not even close to my forte haha.  However, as with most things, my favorite beauty products seem to evolve as I evolve.  Once I became a mom my beauty regimen changed drastically.  Today I want to share my 6 favorite new mama beauty products; however, while I use these as timesavers now I still fully endorse them as great products for women at every life stage.
ALL of these products are under $10!
ALL of these products save time!
Who doesn’t’ want more time & money?!
Okay buckle up, here are my 6 go-to beauty products:Six Beauty Must-Haves 1. Dry Shampoo- Oh my stars this is a lifesaver!  I’ve tried dry shampoo before & never really been satisfied.  Previous dry shampoos have had such a strong odor that I develop a headache throughout the day or it leaves gray streaks in my hair (seriously the last thing I need is gray hair!).  So when Chelsea at The Perfect Catch recommended this dry shampoo I was honestly skeptical, but still desperate enough to try it hahahaha.  I’m not sure Chelsea knows how much she has saved our mornings with this little tip; thank you!  This light-weight dry shampoo smells amazing, but not too strong.  The dry shampoo quickly absorbs oil while still leaving my hair soft, and keeps my hair looking fresh even on days when I don’t get to wash my hair (which as a mama with a young baby this happens often). 

2. Shower Cap- I don’t know if you would consider this a beauty product or not, but I’m including it.  So I was using the dry shampoo for a while and I kept getting these little humidity curls around the side of my face.  When I was washing my face in the shower some of the water would wet my hair and it would totally mess up my second-day hair-do.  It took me a while to realize that I just needed to wear a shower cap in the shower on days where my hair wasn’t going to be washed (duh!).  I wash my hair every other day, and on days where I’m not washing my hair I protect it and keep it dry by wearing a shower cap in the shower.

3. E.L.F. Makeup Mist- I know that I’ve pushed this product before, but I’m still obsessed! :-) This beauty repeat offender is a great way to set your makeup.  This mist is kind of like hairspray for your face.  I can apply my makeup in the morning and no matter how much playing or cleaning I do during the day, it is still going strong at the end of the day.  You apply all of your makeup and then lightly mist your face (2-3 pumps).  The mist helps to keep your makeup in place all day long so that you don’t have to reapply for touch-ups.  Since I started using this mist my makeup is as fresh in the evening as it was when I applied it in the morning, eveeeeeeeeeeen if it was a 14 hour day or it was 90 degree Houston weather.  I’m a believer in this stuff!

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil- (also know as Melaleuca alternifolia) I’ve posted about my Miracle Skin Care System before & mentioned Tea Tree Essential Oil.  This stuff is awesome!  If you haven't jumped on the essential oil train, you should start with this one.  I’m over 30 but I still have these annoying hormonal acne flare-ups here and there (typical regions for hormonal flare-ups are on the lower cheek/jaw line and chin). To quickly, and painlessly, clear-up a break-out, I dab a little Tea Tree EO on the area of interest 2x a day.  The Tea Tree EO will clear up a break-out within 24-48 hours.

5. Big Sexy Powder Play-  This product is perfect for getting volume.  It is a weightless & odorless powder that you sprinkle into your hair and then shake it in with your fingers.  A little bit goes a long long long long way; you don’t need much to get your desired effect; I don’t think you’ll ever get to the bottom of the bottle.  I sprinkle this in at the crown of my head to give me a little poof.  If you’re a hair teaser this will definitely help you get some volume.
6. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish- I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to go get a manicure and I certainly don’t have the time to wait for my nails to dry if I do them myself.  In fact, I hate to waste time even painting my nails if I know that it is going to chip off so quickly because I’m constantly washing dishes.  This polish goes on fast, dries fast, and stays on.  My favorite shades are grays and neutrals these days.
So those are my favorites these days. 
Tell me more though!
What tricks and tools do you have?

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