Monday, April 13, 2015


How did Butcher's Niche blog come to fruition, and what do you write about? 
In 2013, I was newly married and needing a hobby. I already read a lot of blogs so I decided to start one of my own. 

At the beginning, I talked about my wedding. But I quickly ran out of things to talk about so it changed into a lifestyle blog with a big emphasis on the style. 

What is your most visited blog post and why do you think it was so successful?
This one  This was the first real style post I did that I was extremely proud of. This outfit is full of versatile pieces - swing skirt, basic t, and statement necklace. Plus, everybody loves cobalt even after all these years. 

How do you balance blogging with day-to-day life? Any advice for the newbie blogger?
I try to find a good balance. Between social media, creating good content and all that comes with blogging it's hard for all of us sometimes. The best thing for me was when I started treating it like a really cool job and gave myself time limits. From 8-10 I blog and then I go back and engage with readers from 6-7 - or whatever works that day. Which goes right into the best advice for a newbie . . . don't listen to others people’s advice. Sure they may know of a good plug in to use or may have a good promoting schedule to use, but just because your favorite blogger says to do it or not to do it doesn't mean it'll work for you. The best bloggers out there are the ones that stay true to themselves. 
What big Spring time project or adventure do you have coming up?
My husband and I just moved from Indiana to Florida. Until we know our area we've moved into a small rental property, so I was worried that my crafty and renovating would have to stop. But I've figure out some really exciting furniture projects that I'm about to get started. And we've planned our first trip home :) 
As a fashion blogger, what are your top 3 go-to clothing/accessory staples?
I think it all comes down to the basics. If you've got a good pair of shoes, a basic white t that fits you well, and a fun pair of shoes. You're set to go. You can accessorize and add to that to come up with hundreds of different looks. 


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