Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Dear Mommy reader, I have a heart for you; do you know that? When I’m having my own overwhelming day, I think of you in yours. When my toddler says something that melts my heart, I hope yours is doing the same. And when I’ve needed a short & sweet, just-for-me prayer that I don’t even have to think up myself because I am just.that.fried, well, I thought you might need one too.

My hope is that these occasional short & sweet prayers from one weary, overworked, joy filled, legs-need-to-be-shaved, wouldn’t-have-it-any-other way mama to another are a gift. My hope is that this mom prayer will bless just the right mama on just the right day. My hope is that you would find yourself in this prayer and maybe pass them along to another mom who needs a word.

Dear Lord
Oh my word. This toddler… The questions! The ‘why?’ over and over! The endless eating and messes and baths! The demands and reminders given and dinosaurs stepped on! The limp noodle-ing! Lord. I need some of Your grace today. I want to give my toddler the undivided attention that (s)he deserves, but I feel weak. The LOVE (s)he gives me is bigger and bolder than any love I’ve ever had, second to Yours, and that makes it worth waking each morning. Those toddler hugs and ketchup-mouthed kisses and ‘I wuv you, mommy’s’ and the little squeaks and giggles – these are worth each and every speck of patience given. So today, would you refill my tank so I have just enough to give? Thank you, Jesus. 

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