Tuesday, March 31, 2015


If you have teens, you know how fleeting their childhood. My second child hit the teen mark last November, and it amazes me how much this sweet little squeaky voice baby grew into a taller-than-her-mama teenager. With my oldest son being 15 and my daughter now 13, I’ve discovering more and more how tough these years can be. The pressures all around them can often make them feel like the world is caving in. I truly believe it is important to pray for my teens just as much as I did for them as children. With the upcoming driver’s license, I pray more.

Today I’m thanking you for my teenager. I still recall the day they arrived, gifted to me by your love and grace. I can hardly grasp the fact that they are not little anymore. While the days and weeks and months have passed, how I need You. To sculpt their spirit and help the sweet days outweigh the hard. Cover their faults with Your forgiveness. May each anticipated milestone be embraced to the fullest. May their hearts travel closer to you and to each other with every year they grow.
In the name of Jesus. Amen.


  1. A gift by which to learn , love , patience understanding and a way to figure out , how am I. Going to mange to do it well so they are well happy content and strong enough to know right from wrong and to forgive where pain was purposefully inflicted. Help them to not make make theses scares physically and mentally gorges to live a good life in spite of it all. May they learn the values in life that matter, family to love me protect me and hold me close to their loving hearts especially when it's been so tough. And mostly for loving me your Mom although I made mistakes that I had strength of character to move on out and live a much fulfilled life with my children for their love is so genuine and earnest, the most precious of all. And thank you for trusting in me as I trust in your beautiful hearts irrespective of the law not protecting us , a mightier power did and does and My Mom who taught me to believe and to trust my instincts. I bow my head for family gone far too young and my wonderful parents to Say thank you , I mean it and appreciate it more than words can tell .

    1. Beautifully written, Val! Yes to every word. Thank you for commenting/contributing!


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