Monday, March 23, 2015


Dolled Up is a family owned business. We are an on line boutique we carry apparel, jewelry and accessories for kids and their grown ups. We are also a mobile spa. We offer a spa experience such as manicures, pedicures, chocolate facials, hair and make up. Most of our events are private events such as birthday parties, church ministries etc. We also offer party favors along with our private events. We come to you and get you Dolled Up.

We are 2 sisters who wanted to inspire and encourage all the beautiful young girls in our lives. We wanted to pamper them and give them confidence all while having fun. So we started doing Spa parties and events, everything from manicures, pedicures, facials, hair and make up. We started off by doing it for the girls we know, then we started going to our local street fair and booking private events. We hope to encourage our girls and others to dream big. Our love for styling hair and make up was something we wanted to share with our girls and turn it into a positive experience. We always tell them to "Be your own kind of beautiful", we even printed it on a shirt because we wanted them to know that they all posses beauty. Faith and Family are very important to us and we hope to show this is in all we do. We love what we do and are grateful to be able to share it. 

If you had to pick a favorite from the boutique what would it be?
My favorite from out boutique has to be our Frozen Elsa inspired dress. It is so beautiful and when we first made it  my daughters eyes were so bright with excitement that I could still remember her precious little face. It is gorgeous and truly one of a kind. I also really love our knotted bow headbands. They are soft and stretchy and my daughters loves them, she actually keeps them on. 

What three things did you pin today?
Ok truthfully I don't go on pinterest as much. I usually only go on to find recipes and I have found some pretty amazing ones but it has been awhile since I've pinned anything. 

If I looked it your purse what would I find? 
Well since there is 2 of us I am sure our purse finding would be somewhat different. I can tell you this though they are both pretty messy. For sure you will find our cell phones, make up bag, wallet, pens and business cards. I know the rest might be scribbles paper with ideas, thoughts and what to tell each other at our next meeting. Loads of receipts from starbucks (because coffee is needed at all times) snacks, and everthing else thrown in there while we are running around.

instagram: @dolledupspaboutique
twitter: @duspaboutique

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