Saturday, March 28, 2015


I appreciate social media. I do. I'm not going to deny it. I love seeing great pictures of my friends. I enjoy seeing how much fun people are having via the photos they share. I am grateful that social media has helped me and my business(es) grow more than I ever thought possible. 

Social media allows us to look like we have the perfect life. But the hard truth is that the perfection we perceive is not the whole story -- it's the pretty parts. And of course they are. I mean, we're not going to post about trials and tribulations, because, let's be honest, there are entirely too many of those. I am not a fan of people commenting or sending me emails asking, "can I be you?" because, quite frankly, I am no where near perfect. I cry. I hurt. I go through heartbreak. I have weak spots. My self-focused pride gets in the way some days. I am hopelessly flawed. I am human through and through, and I have an utterly complete need for Jesus. Yet this life was given to me for a reason. Alongside the hardships, my life consists of a lot of beauty and love and special times. And through my talents of writing and photographing, I feel God commands me to use them and share them. And so I do. For you. And for me. So, thank you for following me despite my imperfections, and allowing me to share what God has bestowed upon me. It means the world.


  1. I agree. :) We are uniquely made and we have different circumstances. We have to appreciate what we have and be grateful. It's important to learn to be happy for ours and other people's successes and be there for them when things aren't going so well. :)

    1. Perfectly stated, Karla! My life changed when I started living with a heart of gratitude. It's now part of who I am. So much so, that I have become unaware of the areas in my life where I may be less fortunate than others. Fortunately, speaking. But the last thing I was people to think, is that I'm putting on some facade that my life is perfect. Perfect for *me, maybe.

      Thank you for commenting!


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