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After some extensive research, thought, and prayer, I decided to buy the Young Living essential oils premium starter kit. I am so excited to be expanding my journey in natural living.

Over the years, I’ve made various steps in healthier living. I’ve learned that everyone has a different name for it…”green,” “natural,” “organic.” For me, any stride towards improvement and quality of life is frankly, “healthier.”

It’s difficult to know whether widespread disease, like cancer, has grown due to medicine and/or chemicals, or whether disease went undetected due to lack of advanced technology. But in my personal opinion, the man-made chemicals, pesticides and preservatives are clearly contributors to things like asthma, allergies, cancer, etc. So, why not attempt to avoid these possibilities? At least for your children?


Most of us have an idea of what essential oils are, but may find it hard to put that knowledge into words. The best explanation that I found for this question was in the Young Living Essential Oils “An Introduction to Essential Oils Everyday Essentials” pamphlet on page 1.

Most of us have experienced the incredible power of essential oils without even realizing it. From the energizing aroma of a freshly squeezed lemon to the calming influence of a lavender bouquet, essential oils are all around us.
These concentrated, natural, aromatic liquids are extracted from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Plants depend on essential oils to grow, evolve, and adapt to their surroundings. They also play an important role in defending against insects, disease, and harsh environmental conditions. Pure, unadulterated essential oils have many potential benefits and are used daily to enhance the lives of millions.

It makes sense that the liquids extracted from the living things around us have beneficial uses in all areas of life.


My family and I have been harmed by the practices of traditional Western medicine (over-use of anti-biotics, inhalants stunting my eldest son’s growth, family member’s addiction to pain meds, etc). While in some cases, we've been healed by mainstream doctors, too, so nothing against medical professionals. But do note, it's called "practicing medicine" for a reason.

And let’s not forget the cost of these doctor visits and prescription fills.

Over the years, I’ve learned to rely more on my motherly instincts and have seen great results in my rather holistic approach to minor treatments. That doesn’t mean I use Chinese medicine or see an acupuncturist. It just means that I choose to use treatments that are rather natural to the earth…

i.e. Breathing, exercise, stretching, foods, massage, and/or oils.


There are some pretty not-so-savory things on the internet about some of the leading oils distributors like Living Young and doTERRA. In fact, this information is a lot of what gave me pause when I initially was looking into signing up with YL.  I can be a skeptic when people claim such lofty things about anything sold in an multi-level marketing structure, so I took my time researching the various oils and asking many people about their experiences with them.  I want to walk you through my process...not just spout out facts to ya!

Regardless of what you think about either of these companies, each of them has put out quite helpful books on essential oils and their usage. And there exist an insurmountable number of positive results from the use of oils.

As always, I can’t endorse everything for either company and if you read the reviews of each of them you will see that there are some who think that a good bit of the contents are not helpful.  And of course, each is geared towards those who purchase their oils so there are numerous references to their exclusive blends.

I personally chose Young Living Essential oils due to their level of transparency and seed to seal guarantee. I believe that YL is providing the highest quality oil possible. They don’t promote a bunch of stuff you don’t need. lastly, resources, resources, resources! Seriously, if I have a question, there are FB groups, reference books, websites and phone numbers.


A few months ago, one of my friend's children had a cold that wasn’t responding well to normal remedies. Within hours of applying Thieves, diluted with coconut oil to her son’s feet and chest, he improved considerably.

Years ago, when my 15- and 13-year old were toddlers, my mother in law suggested frankincense and coconut oil on the bottom of their feet to boost immunity and help them sleep through the night. It sure seemed to help, as well as, uplift their mood and help with allergies. 

Do you suffer from allergies? Here’s a suggestion:

A tiny pinch of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (Sprouts, Whole Foods, HEB)
Distilled Water

Put a pinch of sea salt in the bottom of an empty glass bottle (I buy mine HERE), add essential oils, wait a few seconds for the salt to absorb the oils, fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water and use throughout the day!  I do a couple pumps in the morning and a couple pumps in the evening.

I’m thrilled to be on this path where I've chosen to start educating people on Young Living Essential Oils and can help those who are ready to start using them too! If you have any questions, please email me through the mail link at the top of my blog. And, please feel free to share your Young Living essential oil testimonies in the comment section below…

Over time, I will be sharing many reasons to use essential oils, so check back regularly.

If you're interested in purchasing any Young Living essential oils to try out, email me at and I'd love to offer you my discount!  I'm happy to talk about all the options available to you.  No pressure, I promise!  I just want people to find relief like I have!

Come back in the future for more ways that essential oils have helped me AND for fun DIY beauty/household product recipes!

* I am not a medical professional...I'm just speaking from experience and these are my opinions.  I am a Young Living representative, but just love sharing how the oils have helped me!

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