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I don’t blog for money. Rather, I blog because it’s therapeutic and provides me the creative outlet I need for my mental well-being. With that being said, I have stumbled upon ways to monetize my blog. However, rest assured that I am very selective on what advertisers send my way, and I write as little or as much as I want. In my case, I have averaged about one post a month for about a year now.

The proliferation of paid sponsorship online has not been without controversy. Some in the online world deride the actions as kickbacks. Others also question the legitimacy of bloggers’ opinions, even when the commercial relationships are clearly outlined to readers.

For some bloggers, product sponsorship has become a lucrative side business.


This is a platform that connects bloggers with brands. They make it very easy to write sponsored blog posts that comply with online standards. It also has the tools available to measure your traffic on social media sites.

Advertisers send you their campaigns, and if you’re interested, you accept to write the post and get paid.


My personal favorite. Just as the names suggested, SponsoredTweets is similar to SocialSpark, but it pays you for sending out tweets versus writing blog posts. It also has an automatic system in place to ensure your tweet abides by all the necessary rules.

  • Once you sign up for the service and are approved, you’ll occasionally receive emails saying an opportunity is available to you. 
  • Log into your account and you’ll see a sample tweet with required keywords or hashtags that need to be used in your tweet. 
  • The sample tweet is a guide – you can write your own tweet as long as you include the required keywords and hashtags. 
  • Once you've written a tweet, you submit it for approval by the sponsor. If you’re approved your tweet will be sent automatically. 
  • If your tweet needs changes, Sponsored Tweets will let you know and you’ll have the opportunity to correct your tweet. 
  • Then you get paid! 

The process is simple and easy, which makes Sponsored Tweets one of my favorite ways to make money online.

What do I love about SponsoredTweets?

You name your price! You can decide how much you want to charge per tweet, although Sponsored Tweets does offer you some guidelines. The more Twitter followers you have, the more you can charge.

You have total control over what you Tweet. You decide which offers to take, and you write your own tweets. If there’s an offer that doesn't fit your audience or preferences, you can turn it down.

Sponsored Tweets is great about reminding you that you have an offer awaiting a response. You have three days to accept an offer, and many times those reminder emails have kept me from earning money.

When you’re ready to cash out, the payment shows up in your Paypal account almost instantly.

You can also make money by referring other Tweeters and sponsors.

What do I NOT love about SponsoredTweets?

It can be feast or famine. Sometimes I am getting multiple offers a day. Then I’ll go weeks without an offer.

If your want to withdraw money from your account, you must withdraw at least $50, otherwise you’ll pay a $2 penalty.

Do you use Sponsored Tweets? Are there others ways you make money online? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I have t used sponsored tweets or posts as of yet. I'm super picky about the content I recommend to my readers. Sponsored Tweets sounds interesting though. I'll look into it, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nikki! I'm picky, too, and that's why I don't get selected for a lot of blog promos, but I'm okay with that. Look into SponsoredTweets for sure!


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