Friday, February 27, 2015


It’s Friday, and that means its #INTROFRIDAY day and I wanted to make sure I jumped in this week!

This past week at UMC, I met some new women at bible study. One lady asked me what my 30-second elevator introduction is, and I hesitated with a bit of stage fright. I didn’t expect anyone to be that forward.

So then I got to thinking, this would be a great series to start with my readers and get to know them better. 

So, hi! I’m Mandi Roach. Married to a my best friend who loves me fiercely and mama to four children…four very different personalities. I’m a blogger, photographer, crafter with a huge thirst for God and a deep need of His grace. I’m sanguine/melancholy. Mostly spunky and energetic, but also a deep, emotional feeler. This blog has always been my outlet for my melancholy, and the deep things in my heart. But I want to be better at letting my free-spirited self live here, too.

Today’s question: How do you rest? I love a good book or even a good movie. Sometimes, depending on the season, I can just be outside. Sitting. Watching. Listening. Just sorta shut my mind off and be entertained by the world outside.

Your turn! Don’t forget to Instagram your photo with hashtag #INTROFRIDAY every Friday!

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