Saturday, February 21, 2015


He’s child #4. It shouldn't be this hard, right?!

Weaning this baby from a bottle has been painful. For us all.

Husband finally said what I needed to hear, “he’s just not ready.”

What happened to my free-spirited approach to letting our children lead the way? Maybe because I took this approach with child #3, whose 3 years old, and he still takes a baby bottle late at night to relax. Perhaps that’s ‘embarrassing’ for me? But should it be? I mean, there are moms I know who still breastfeed their 5 year olds.

Back to child #4. He’s still only 12 months and he drinks fine from a regular cup and/or straw, but he’s adamant about his bottle during the night.

I’m discovering that it’s not an issue of sustenance, but rather comfort. Letting go of this comfort is tough – offering the same beverage in the wrong vessel just leads to meltdown.

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  1. It's fine to let your child lead the way! That's the cool thing about being the parent-you get to call the shots :)


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