Monday, February 9, 2015


I've always loved planning parties -- especially ones for my kids, but I'm loving more the challenge of combining meaningful details with simplicity to create an intimate celebration. 

I’m beginning to realize my kids' birthday parties is the middle circle of the Venn Diagram of my affections; the place where everything intersects -- color, celebration, pretty things, motherhood, music, friends, family, introspection and a deep love for my children.

This weekend, we celebrated with friends and color and balloons, all lassoed up into that middle place by our love for Ripley.

A peek at our up up & away slash oh the places he’ll go party for our precious one-year old…


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  1. Hi Mandi! I don't know if you remember me but you used to follow my old blog...
    Happy Birthday to your little Ripley! I love planning my daughters' birthday party too, searching for cute recipes children-friendly, be careful of every detail... I use to pick a theme each year and develop it with colors and food (an American tradition I think, because here in Italy there are not so many theme parties!). I love the hot-air balloon!


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