Saturday, January 10, 2015


There’s always something within us that craves new beginnings, a chance to right the wrongs and put into the universe something that’s stirring within our soul. The hurt, the struggle, the surrender – all makes us who we are. We laughed, we cried, we grew, we changed. My favorite sound, aside from my children’s laughter, is the cracking sound of a new book’s spine. That’s what a new year is like for me.

This is a great week to reflect on the year that has passed and consider what we’ve learned along the way….

Small is my new free. Regular ol’ small living is where it’s at. I discovered I don’t want to be big. Really at anything. I’m learning how to celebrate my smallness in the presence of Christ. It’s been humbling, quiet and life-giving.

I have found that overturning a lifetime of consumption while the rest of the world still screams at me to keep wildly spending does not come without hard work, serious soul-searching, and lots and lots of intentional prayer. I have fervently and frequently prayed for God to change my heart, to lead me where He would have me go, and to take away my desire for the things of this world. I want a different richness, the richness that comes from fullness in Christ.

I learned that saying no really is easy – and worth it.

This is the first year that the photos from my phone in my photo library outnumber the photos I took with my camera. I love my camera, but it can’t compete with the one I always have in my pocket. I’m not sure if I want to continue down that path in 2015 or if I want to resurrect the big camera in some way – maybe as a way to force myself to slow down? We’ll see.

2014 introduced me to my favorite drink at Starbucks – their Caramel Praline Latte. This drink powered many a shopping day.

I became not as fond of pregnancy as I had been in the past. Any new children in this household will have to be the adoptive kind.

Sometimes you have to start something even though you haven’t figured out all the who, whats, and wheres. We’re making it up as we go and sometimes it feels scary.

I learned that hospitality is not about the condition of our homes, but the condition of our hearts. I’m done apologizing for the state of my home. It’s lived in. Well lived in. Our living room is the kids’ living room, where the things in it make up happy. Toys and all. I’m no longer going to miss opportunities to demonstrate hospitality. Welcome to our mess!

“With people, you can connect or you can compare but you can’t do both.” That’s something I heard someone say this year and it’s changing how I relate with the women in my life.

Thank you for reading here. For following our journey, for letting us offer pieces of ourselves and our story to you. Having this sweet space to change and grow and process has blessed me in ways beyond what I can explain. 

I can’t wait to hear what you learned this year! Share what you learned in 2014. If you already shared this on your own blog, please add your link in the comments below.


  1. This is beautiful. I'm also pressing in to some of the things that you mentioned here.

    1. Shannon, thank you! I appreciate you leaving your encouragement; I am grateful for your visit! XOXO


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