Tuesday, January 13, 2015


In the mornings, while I wait for my coffee to brew, I might scroll through Twitter or Facebook for a bit, then hardly look again all day. Social media is kind of a floppy and slippery thing in my life. It is that fish that won’t sit still, one I cannot hold and need to set free. My part in the worldwide web’s collective voice, although it was always a bit squeaky in my opinion, is now almost completely quiet. I try to clear my throat and start again, but nothing happens when I breathe deep and try to speak, or yell. This tells me it is just fine to be quiet.
I’m sorta tired of my social media self, and wish to focus more on my writing. My blog. There are things that I write now, and have been writing all along, offline. Some of them will be shared someday, maybe? Some of them most certainly will not.
I used to care too much about this voice of mine. But like letting go of any habit, the trigger finger stills, and the need goes dormant.
It’s been a long time since I stepped back from the Internet, but I thought you should know that it felt more like a peaceful sigh than a worn out white flag surrender.

Truth be told, I’m a writer, so I still want to write every moment, tell every story, speak every thought and feeling into black and white on paper or screen. But this goal is too lofty, and yet tempting to chase, so I will say this for today and it will be enough.


  1. I am feeling the same way. Social media can take to much from you if you let it, I too just love to write and blog! I love your space here, I am excited to continue to follow!

    1. Cambria, thank you for visiting and more so for your message; I am grateful! Please send me the link to your blog. XOXO


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