Friday, January 9, 2015


Sometimes holiday gatherings are accompanied by a weird swell of doubting everything I knew about everything which happens almost every time I’m in the presence of certain someones. I used to think it was insecurity but that’s such a negatively loaded term to describe what’s really more of a necessary strip down to rawness, edginess, frustration and doubt that tells us something good about ourselves. Getting emotionally naked and keeping the lights on is something I am challenged with.

I’m learning more to lean into those feelings with a friendly hello rather than sweep them under the rug, ashamed of not feeling confident enough to confront them. Without fail, these swells are followed by peace and comfort and creativity, for which I think is sometimes a reward from God for being patient and tolerable.

To my fellow birds, doubters and emotional surfers….knuckles, high fives and hugs. There’s a big emotional wave in your future...go and ride it like the wind!

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