Thursday, January 15, 2015


I'm no beauty blogger and I don't stake any claim at being an expert in the subject matter, but I am often asked about my beauty regimen and the products I use, so this is my take on a beauty post. Looking back on the history of my blogging, this might be the first of it's kind. 

This is in no way an ad for Perricone MD though it may look like one. No, rather, this is just an honest share of my person skincare and cosmetics because my friends and readers inquire from time to time.

I am all about naturally beautiful, glowing skin. We all know that getting beautiful skin takes work and most likely a bit of makeup to look our best. Unless you are blessed with gorgeous skin, which I am not. Perricone MD cultivated what I consider the best skincare and makeup with a line called No Makeup Skincare. I've been committed to this line for 2-3 years now. I feel it's the first and only line that works for me, personally. I battle an orange-peel skin surface, a combination of oiliness and dryness, and the occasional rosacea. 

I start and end my days with a freshly cleaned face, courtesy of Perricone's Nutritive Cleanser. It's mild enough that it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin, but tough enough to remove makeup.

My makeup application literally takes 10 minutes in its entirety. I am a working mother of four, whose youngest still doesn't sleep through the night at 11 months, so every minute of zzzz's is like gold. I don't want to compromise my sleep because I have some long drawn-out beauty regimen in the mornings. I want to look put together but I don't want to spend a lot of time doing so. If you're like me, keep reading...

So, next I apply Perricone's No Foundation Foundation. It's a tad too dark for my skin, so I mix it a dime size amount of the No Foundation Foundation with a drop of the Firming Moisturizer, and literally rub them all over my face until it's fairly well absorbed.
With a Kabuki bruch, I lightly sweep Laura Mercier's mineral powder to set my makeup. It really is like a little pot of gold. With amino acids (15 of them, I add) to banish toxins and the zinc acting as an SPF, it seems natural really is best.

And lastly, mascara. Even on make-up-less days, I try to never leave home without a little mascara. And after spending $22, $25, even $35 on tubes of mascara in the past, I have found that Cover Girl's Lashblast Clump Crusher at $12 works just as well, if not better. It lives up to it's promises and separates the lashes well.

After this minimal application, my skin has the most gorgeous, suede-matte texture. My pores disappear. My face almost immediately looks firmer. And it still looks this good more than ten hours after application, without touch-ups. (Which is good, since I don't do touch-ups.)

I'd love to hear if you use these products or if you have a suggestion to make to my readers. Leave a comment below.


  1. Hmm never tried this. My skin is so crazy. Oily, but dries out, breaks out or gets rash with almost every cleanser I try except plain old dove soap.

    Where do you get your Perricone products?


    1. Hi Beckey! My skin is crazy, too. Seriously, I have tried everything out there. For a long time, Bobbie Brown and Laura Mercier BB creams worked for me, but after having my last child (11 months ago), my skin has gone and changed again. As much as I hate the price of the Perricone products, they are rather loyal to me no matter the condition of my skin. I pick them up from Sephora, but Perricone will occasionally run some really great sales directly from their website, so sign up!

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