Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Meal planning is something that I used to be really good at making a priority. Since the 4th child arrived, it's been a task that has dwindled on my list of priorities. My schedule can be all over the place when it comes to childrens' activities, traveling, a photography business, etc. I find it more challenging to set a day to do my grocery shopping and meal prep and then stick to a meal plan when I'm running from work to a volleyball game to a photo shoot and everywhere else! I end up spending more money on take away food than I would like and I come home to a house that doesn't have a ton of choices in the fridge and pantry, especially for those of us who eat 'clean.'

This week I set out to be more diligent with my meal planning. I also set a goal to bring a meal to work. I'm happy to say that I've been pretty successful thus far! Making meals at home sure saves lots of money and it makes me feel like I'm back to being a solid contributor in the home.

Please share a favorite easy-to-prepare evening meal in the comments below.

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