Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Last month, I visited Jackson Hole, WY for the first time. It’s renowned for its winter season and the amazing skiing/snowboarding that takes place. But not yet. Not during my visit. Rather the leaves were still changing and there was a dusting of snow on the upper reaches of the Tetons. Probably the most intense experience of seasonality that I’ve ever witnessed.

It’s no secret that Jackson Hole is a beautiful place. When fall sweeps her fingers through the valley, the scene becomes dramatically more lovely. The variance in the leaves is breathtaking. And the sky radiates the most unbelievable turquoise blue.

The temps in October were roughly 30 degrees at night, never exceeding 50 degrees at the hottest time of the day. The weather is in perfect harmony with my favorite outdoor sports like hiking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, etc.

The town is quiet, more quiet than the hectic summer bustle, I presume. An ideal time to visit Jackson’s amazing eateries. My tummy stayed filled to the brim. Some of my favorite places where it all went down:

Snake River Grill
Recommendations: Brussel Sprouts, Lamp Chops, Donuts, Pierre Gonon Syrah 2011

 Q Roadhouse & Brewery
Recommendations: Organic Deviled Eggs, Mary’s Organic Fried Chicken, Korean Breakfast, Barrel Aged Bouleverdier, Chimay Premiere Ale, Friek Ale

 Rendezvous Bistro
Recommendations: Charcuterie Plate, Tuna Tartare, Meyer Farms Steak Frites, Caymus cabernet 2010

 The sun sets pretty early and the evenings are cool. Okay, they’re cold. But it’s perfect for a bonfire, paired with wine, smores, and some unmatched star gazing.

My trip concluded with yet more snow flurries, reminding me of winter’s approach and that winter’s snow is a few whispers away. Departing hopeful for an opportunity to snowboard these mountains one day with my family. So long, Jackson, you’ve been good to me!

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  1. wow such beautiful colors! never been there before, but looks like a cool place to stop through.


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