Thursday, September 4, 2014


When I met him at 34, there were a lot of things I was attracted to – his intuition, his kind heart, his ability to read my mind and finish my thoughts, his confidence, his ability to love without reservation, and how much fun I had when I was with him. 
Even when I married him at 37, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who he was - three years can tell you a lot about a person, but it can’t begin to predict how the lessons ahead will mold and shape them. 
Only two years have passed since our wedding day and while all those traits that drew me to him remain, it’s the man he has become that I most admire. I knew he was capable, but to what extent, I had no idea. He still amazes me, how much he teaches me about love, faith, being fearless, and living each day as though it’s the last.
Pete loves not only me, his children, and parents with abandon - but our friends, neighbors, and community. He rarely has a bad word to speak of anyone. He jumps at the chance to be of assistance to others. He holds doors and says hello and waves to strangers and offers to help carry groceries or lift a box so often that now I just smile when they sometimes eye him suspiciously. 

And every day, he is the person who is showing our children how to interact with the world around them. A teacher. 

We are so grateful for him. For his dedication to us and to goodness in general. Happy birthday, Pete – thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate with you year after year.


  1. What a beautiful testimony of your love! Sounds like you were certainly blessed when God brought him into your life. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    1. Thank you, Beckey -- I appreciate you taking the time out to leave a comment and send your birthday greetings! I am looking forward to reading your blog - thanks for sharing!


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