Sunday, August 3, 2014


We can talk for hours and still have few answers since some answers are impossible to uncover. But it’s still good to talk it over, to feel the comfort of an I don’t know, and a Me either.

In the middle of all the change and growth, even during pain and grief, there is more than enough I don’t know. There are days to be stuck in that and days to let it go. Being stuck doesn't mean staying stuck. We change despite ourselves, especially if we are well loved.

And aren't we always, if we’re really paying attention?

If you can’t always feel something, it doesn't mean it isn't there. If it goes unsaid for a time, it is only unsaid, not gone.

There is someone near me who needs help, I’m going to go give it. Can you feel that? The way it heals to move from Self to service? It is so easy for me to stay stuck on all the stress and busy-ness of life. It would be so easy to ease all of that self-absorption with a simple reaching out of my hands. Do you remember the way it feels? To reach out with un-tethered kindness, no strings attached? And just that like! The weight you've been carrying slips right off the ends of your fingers…

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