Saturday, August 30, 2014


Sometimes you have to do the crazy thing.

You know the one. That thing that everyone will raise an eyebrow or question because it’s out of the ordinary, not the usual timetable, against the grain, or just hasn’t been done before.

I’m not referring to the crazy that’s cool. The kind that gets you noticed and extra points because everyone wishes they had the guts to do it first.

I’m talking about needing to do the crazy that only God can orchestrate. Do the kind of crazy that looks beautiful from above and strange from down here. It’s what the world calls crazy, but we just know it as whispered obedience.

If something popped into your mind and you immediately dismissed it because you assumed it wasn’t big enough or important in the big scheme, take a moment to ask God what He thinks about it. For the kind of wonderful crazy I’m talking about doesn’t judge the size or if it’s understandable to your peers or how it will fit in with others’ plans, but only listens to the quiet whispers and obeys.


  1. This is so good, Mandi.

  2. Thank you, Katie - I appreciate that! Sometimes, we can just write. It doesn't have to lead to much, and it seems like someone somewhere can relate.


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